Business Owner / CEO

Business Owner / CEO

I'm a business owner and am fed up with computer and network problems that cause disruption and downtime when I just need to run my business. If my data isn't secure and I don't have backups if there is a system failure or a disaster, I could face serious financial implications. I cannot risk it. I want someone who will constantly monitor our systems and make sure that if a problem arises, it is addressed immediately. Even the slightest threat of a breakdown must be treated as a priority.  How do I control my IT costs?  Paying a flat fee for all these services means I can predict my annual IT budget.

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Default IT

Default IT

I am the CFO/Controller or someone hired with general IT knowledge but have the responsibility for support and maintenance of my company's computer assets and infrastructure. I'm not an IT expert. I know enough to get by, so when there's a problem, people ask me to fix it. This takes me away from the things I need to do to make our business successful.

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IT Manager

IT Manager

I manage the IT infrastructure day to day, but sometimes when I have a project I need certified experts to fill in the gaps where I don't have the time or expertise to do something myself. I could really use data center resources like off-site backup, disaster recovery and cloud solutions to help my company make the most of our finite IT budget.

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Our Mission


Our mission is our name --


incito: (Latin) to inspire, excite, spur.  We strive to make your technology an efficient asset that drives your competitive advantage.  


We provide responsive customer service and hassle free technology solutions. As your business changes, we will work in partnership with you to inspire success.

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I want to let you know how trilled I am with you hosting my email, calendar, etc. The transition was great and Amanda helped me with every step which weren’t many. I can’t tell the difference from when I hosted it myself except I don’t have to worry about losing any of my data again. Thanks for recommending it. Jim Searls, Common Sense Sales Consulting, LLC

As a non-profit our mission is to focus on providing counsel for our patients. We can count on Incito to provide the care we need to support our computer network. We wanted a 'process' based service that eliminated the risk of the 'computer guy'.  Christian Counseling Center

Thank you Incito for your timely response when our current backup system failed. We appreciated your prompt replacement, configuration and testing of the new device. Incito’s commitment to customer service and their professional attention to this matter gave us assurance of accurate backups of the data. Susan R. Dalman - Accountant/Deputy Clerk - Holland Charter Township

Gents - The team tells me Incito has done a great job on the new install, migrate and spin up. Thanks again for your help in securing the new Dell equipment and getting it running so quickly. Gordon Vandermeulen, CEO - Great Lakes Fasteners

AWESOME JOB! The guys came through in flying colors yesterday with the exchange server problem. I cannot tell you how great it felt to not have all that pressure on me as in the past. They did a fantastic job in getting us up and running in very little time please thank them for me. I have sent out a companywide e-mail explaining what took place and how Incito handled the situation and fix for us. Also how important it was that we had just purchased a new backup system just 4 weeks prior to this happening. John Estabrook

Just to let you know, you're doing a fabulous job for us. Your engineer keeps me well informed on everything that is going on and follows up on the status of everything so I don't have to ask him. It is very much appreciated. Erhardt Construction

We feel the management cost for monitoring our servers and assisting our staff has been very reasonable and allows a not-for-profit company such as ours to focus on bringing strategic value to the organization because we can now focus on the big picture, rather than on the day-to-day issues. The people at Incito are what make the difference for us in terms of a technical service provider; from my sales rep, to the buyers, technicians and administrative staff.  Kim Young, Experience Grand Rapids

Slagter Construction

The entire team at Incito is very easy to work with. They are accessible 24 hour a day 7 days a week. I had an issue one weekend and within 20 minutes I had a call from the on call technician and worked on resolving the problem. They understand the urgencies of each issue. Their customer service and technical support is very demanding and they live up to their commitments. Cindi Slagter - Slagter Construction -

I couldn't be happier with Incito as our Information Technology partner. Whether it has been on the sales side with making sure we have the right IT stuff for our business or the tech guys solving our issues very quickly. We feel cared about in a ''personal'' way and that means a lot in today's business world. Watermark Country Club

Pella by Horne

Thanks for the update and the successful response to this problem. I didn’t think we would run into a situation so soon where the new back up system would prove to be so critical. What a great investment. Pella by Horne, James Baker, IT Manager

What separates Incito from other firms we've used is they get it when it comes to a sense of urgency. When we need them, they're available 24 x 7! 

Just to let you know, you're doing a fabulous job for us. Your engineer keeps me well informed on everything that is going on and follows up on the status of everything so I don't have to ask him. It is very much appreciated. Erhardt Construction

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